The Gas City Dog Club holds many special events.  Annual events and Monthly workshops.  Please check this page for events that are of interest to you. Can't wait to see you at one of our great events!

Monthly workshops

Local Team Nominated for Pet Partners "Pet of the Year"

Local Team Nominated for Pet Partners "Pet of the Year"

Mike Quinn's rough collie, Kenzy has been  nominated for the annual Pet Partners "Pet of the Year" contest. This contest is an annual fundraiser for the Pet Partners organization. The Title "Pet of the Year" is awarded to the Pet whose handler can raise the most funds over a 6 week period. All of the funds from the competition go toward the continued operation of Pet Partners, a non-profit organization, which establishes training standards and funds trainers and assessors throughout the US, Canada and internationally. It also establishes evaluation standards for Handler/Animal Teams and operates as a Registry for all teams who meet the evaluation standards.

Pet Partners is mostly run by volunteers, but does have a small staff who administer the registrations of Pet/Handler Teams, Instructors and Evaluators, who have to have their competency re-evaluated every 2 years. They also maintain and update training materials and a website that is chock-full of information and resources for ongoing education.

The deadline for donating to support a nominated pet is March 18, 2024. Those interested in supporting Kenzy’s race for the win can donate at p2p.onecause.com/pppetoftheyear/team/kenzy-quinn.

Tree of Angels

November 18, 2023 - January 31, 2024

Tree of Angels

Gas City Dog Club introduced its “Tree of Angels” several years ago to help support several animal rescue/animal support organizations in the community.  

The 2023 - 2024 campaign is now complete and we are in the process of delivering the donations to their designated organizations.

Organizations supported include: APARC, Furry Friends Food Foundation, Happy Hooves, Medicine Hat SPCA, Persian Dreams & Canine Themes, Gas City Dog Club in support of Pet Partners of Southern Alberta

Thank-you for your support!

Pet Partners of Southern Alberta - News

January 20, 21 February 3 & 4

Pet Partners of Southern Alberta - News

Congratulations to the new and renewing Teams  in the recent Pet Partners Team Evaluations!

January 20 & 21, 2024

* Colleen Pearson & Polly (cat)

* Jacquie Olynyk & Henry

* Andrew Olynyk & Henry

* Laurie Radtke & Koda

* Darren Radtke & Koda

* Christal Lockhart & Leo

* Jackie Gibson & Maggie

*Valerie Verge & Dexter

February 3 & 4, 2024

* Suzie Penrod & Odis

* Bill Ruzycki & Dexter

* Taylor Atkinson & Nala

* Ben Atkinson & Nala

* Rebecca Capriz & Gwen

* Ray Neary & Maverick

* Megan Westgarth & Shiner

* Lindsay Poloni & Cooper (renewal)

* Mike Quinn & Kenzy (renewal)

Special Thanks are extended to:

Volunteers: Michelle, Andy, Lyla, Laurie, Ira, Caroline, Deidre, Greg, Angela and Jennifer

Neutral Dog Teams: Mike & Kenzy, Laurie & Timber, Caroline & Sadie

Our Host Facility: Medicine Hat Regional Hospital - Volunteer Services, Parking Services and Protective Services

Fundraiser for Furry Friends Food Foundation


Fundraiser for Furry Friends Food Foundation

Furry Friends Food Foundation is a local, not for profit organization which assists those in our community who are struggling to afford pet food and supplies for their furry, family members.

Gas City Dog Club has made a commitment to make a monthly donation consisting or a portion of the proceeds from the "Drop-In" Classes and have established a donation box to facilitate donations from our members, students and visitors.

For more information about the Furry Friends Food Foundation, please visit their Facebook page.

Non-Profit Status

In 2001, the Gas City Dog Club became incorporated as a “Not for Profit” organization under the Alberta Societies Act. This status means that no member of the club may benefit financially due to their club membership. The Gas City Dog Club is not a registered charity. Club members volunteer their time to provide classes, hold fundraisers for local pet organizations (such as the holiday Angel Tree), and host/participate in community events. Members also volunteer to make the Gas City Dog Club a more positive environment for everyone to enjoy.

Funds raised through club activities such as obedience classes and various drop-ins are utilized for: